Fiber series ninth week news Abstract 3

2012-02-28 11:18:24

Week News Abstract For Fiber Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

AUSTRALIA : Cheaper faster broadband on the way for Territorians
Territorians are on the way to receiving access to faster, cheaper broadband with the country s longest fibre optic cable switched on in Darwin today. Chief Minister Paul Henderson today joined Acting Prime Minister and Treasurer Wayne Swan in Darwin to mark the completion of a 3800km fibre optic link from Darwin to Toowoomba.Nowhere in the country is more deserving of this project than the Territory; Territorians pay more for their internet and face great challenges of distance, Mr Henderson said That s why we lobbied to be one of the first places in the country to benefit from this project which will bring faster cheaper broadband to Territory households and businesses. The completion of the Darwin fibre optic backbone link provides a massive injection of competition into the market to drive down the cost of internet services in the Territory. With the completion of this project the infrastructure is now open for business for new services providers to come into the market in the New Year and give Territorians better value for money. This key infrastructure will also make the Territory more attractive to do business, particularly among the resources sector which relies heavily on fast and reliable telecommunications. Unlike the CLP we refused to stand aside and let tight market forces drive up the cost of internet services in the Territory - instead we lobbied for investment in key infrastructure to drive down cost for Territorians. Chief Minister Paul Henderson said the Darwin fibre optic backbone link built under the Regional Blackspots Program provides a backbone for the NBN to be rolled out from next year. Work will begin next year on allowing the first 20,000 homes to be connected, Mr Henderson said. It builds on our key target under the Territory 2030 strategic plan to grow the Territory s economy, and improving our telecommunications network is a big part of this. The Nextgen optic fibre connection to Alice Springs is already seeing several new providers delivering competitive broadband services including Internode, the first alternative ADSL2+ services to those offered by Telstra.
Colombia : Energía Integral Andina Project
Project Number: CO3918A-01 Business Sector: Technology, Communications, and New Economy Financing Requested:Loan of up to US$8.0 million Country:Colombia The proposed project consists of providing financing to Energía Integral Andina S.A. ( EIA ) in the form of a loan of up to US$8 million, with a term of up to 5 years, directed to a special purpose entity affiliated with EIA or to a trust to be established by EIA. The purpose of this IIC operation is to provide financing for the construction and operation of two submarine fiber optic cables. One, spanning 810 km, will be located between Isla de San Andrés and the Colombian coastal city of Tolú, and the other, spanning 217 km, will stem from the first cable and reach the city of Colón, in Panama.EIA, the sponsoring entity, is a Colombian company established in 1986 that initially focused on manufacturing, installing, operating, and maintaining industrial batteries. It is currently the only manufacturer of this type of batteries in Colombia. In 1996 EIA began focusing on other areas such as installation, operation, and maintenance of fiber optic networks, copper telephone lines, coaxial cable television networks, and satellite television equipment. In 2006 EIA began participating in infrastructure bids. It currently operates three concessions, including the construction and operation of the submarine fiber optic cable that connects the Colombian coastal area and Isla de San Andrés. country :ColombiaLtd.
Optical Cable continues significant downtrend, drops 4.7%
Trailing one week: the stock fell three times (60% of the time), rose once (20% of the time) and was untraded once (20% of the time). The aggregate volume was 0.2 times average trading of 143,745 shares. The value of US$1,000 invested a week ago is US$896 [vs US$1,008 for the NASDAQ-100 index], for a capital loss of US$104(or loss of 10.4%).Trailing one month: the stock fell nine times (43% of the time), rose six times (29% of the time) and was untraded six times (29% of the time). The aggregate volume was 0.1 times average trading of 632,478 shares. The value of US$1,000 invested a month ago is US$799 [vs US$1,019 for the NASDAQ-100 index], for a capital loss of US$201(or loss of 20.1%).Trailing one year: the value of US$1,000 invested one year ago is US$963 [vs US$1,017 for the NASDAQ-100 index], including a capital loss of US$44 and dividend reinvested of US$7. The total return to shareholders for 1 year is -3.7%.Trailing five years: the value of US$1,000 invested five years ago is US$656, including a capital loss of US$349 and dividend reinvested of US$5.The present value of US$1000 invested at a previous date is shown below:$1000 1-week 1-month 1-year OCC 896 799 963 Fiber Optics 1,024 909 552 NASDAQ-100 1,008 1,019 1,017.Quarterly Report; year-on-year comparisons with previous corresponding period:In the quarter to July 31, 2011 total revenue was down 0.0% to US$18.8 million; net profit slumped 79.5% to US$118,000; EPS of 2.0c.Annual Report for the year ended October 31, 2010 (year-on-year comparisons with previous corresponding period)-
Favourable Changes: current ratio up 8.8% to 4.0; Net tangible assets per share up 5.3% to $US4.59; Working capital to total assets up 26.8% to 50.6%; Sales to total assets up 28.4% to 1.5.
Unfavourable Changes: total liabilities to total assets up 14.7% to 0.4; Retained earnings to total assets down 13.5% to 48.3%.Major Common Size Ratios: total current assets to total assets up from 55.0% to 67.7%; current inventory to total assets up from 24.5% to 31.8%; fixed assets to total assets down from 29.8% to 29.0%; cash to total assets up from 3.9% to 5.6%; intangibles to total assets down from 15.0% to 1.5%; cost of goods sold to sales down from 66.1% to 64.8%; sales and marketing expenses to sales down from 38.1% to 35.9%; depreciation to sales down from 5.3% to 4.4%; interest expenses to sales down from 1.2% to 0.9%; amortisation to sales down from 1.4% to 0.9%.
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