SFP+ Active Cable Specifications and Alternate Test Methods —— Industry Documents & Abbreviation

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SFF Committee
SFF-8461 Specifications for SFP+ Active Cable Specifications and Alternate Test Methods —— Industry Documents & Abbreviations

Industry Documents

The following interface standards are relevant to SFP+ Specifications.
SFF-8431 - Specifications for Enhanced Small Form Factor Pluggable Module SFP+
SFF-8432 - Improved Pluggable Formfactor (ftp://ftp.seagate.com/sff/)
SFF-8083 - Improved 0.8mm Card Edge Connector (ftp://ftp.seagate.com/sff/)
SFF-8089 - SFP Rate and Application codes (ftp://ftp.seagate.com/sff/)
SFF-8079 - SFP Rate and Application Selection (ftp://ftp.seagate.com/sff/)
SFF-8472 - Diagnostic Monitoring Interface for Optical Transceivers (ftp://ftp.seagate.com/sff/)
INF-8074i - SFP (Small Form Factor) Transceiver (ftp://ftp.seagate.com/sff/)
INF-8077i - 10 Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable Module (XFP MSA) (ftp://ftp.seagate.com/sff/)
FC-PI-4 - Fibre Channel - Physical Interface-4
10GFC - Fibre Channel - 10 Gigabit
FC-MJSQ - Methodologies for Jitter and Signal Quality Specifications FC INCITS Project 1316-DT Rev 14.1, June 5, 2005
IEEE 802.3 - IEEE Standard 802.3, Relevant 10 Gigabit Ethernet clauses are 49, 10GBASE-R LAN PHY; 50, 10GBASE-W WAN PHY; 52, 10 Gigabit Ethernet serial PMDs; and 68, 10GBASE-LRM)
OIF CEI - Optical Internetworking Forum - Implementation Agreement # OIF-CEI-02.0 Common Electrical I/O (CEI) (http://www.oiforum.com/public/impagreements.html)

Acronyms and other abbreviations

64B/66B: Data encoded with 64B/66B encoder as defined by the IEEE Std. 802.3 CL 49.
BER: bit error ratio
CDR: clock and data recovery
CRU: clock recovery unit
dB: decibel. 10*log10(ratio of power quantities). Powers can be electrical or optical. Conventional usage. See also dBe and dBo.
dBe: Specific case of dB where signals are electrical. 10*log10(ratio of electrical power quantities). 20*log10(ratio of voltage quantities) can be used if reference impedances are equal.
dBm: decibel (relative to 1 mW)
dBo: decibel optical (1 time dBo= 2 time dBe). Specific case of dB where the signals are in optical power. 10*log1(ratio of optical power quantities). Also, in certain cases with electrical signals relating to linear optical modules, where it is expected that electrical voltage is in proportion to optical power, 10*log10(ratio of voltage quantities).
DCD: Duty cycle distortion
DDPWS: Data Dependent Pulse Width Shrinkage
DDJ: Data Dependent Jitter
dRN: Difference of Relative noise see Appendix D
DUT: device under test
dWDP: Difference of the waveform distortion penalty of an optical receiver
dWDPc: Difference of the waveform distortion penalty of an electrical cable assembly
EMC: electromagnetic compatibility
EMI: electromagnetic Interference
FC: Fibre Channel
h: hexadecimal notation
HCB: Host Compliance Board
IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
ITU-T: ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector
Gbit: gigabit = 109 bits
GBd: Gigabaud
J2: 99% Jitter
LRM: IEEE 802.3 CL68 Physical Layer Specifications for 10Gb/s using 10GBASE-R encoding and long wavelength optics for multimode fiber
MCB: Module Compliance Board
OMA: optical modulation amplitude
PCB: printed circuit board
PRBS9: Pseudo-Random Bit Sequence 29-1, see SFF-8431 D1.1.1
PRBS31: Pseudo-Random Bit Sequence 231-1, see SFF-8431 D1.1.1
Qsq: Qsq a measure of SNR, see SFF-8431 D1.1.1 and IEEE 802.
RI: random interference
RMS: root mean square
RN: relative noise
Rx: receiver
Rx_LOS: Loss of signal same as defined in FC PI-4 and the inverse of signal detect (SD) in 802.3
RSS: “Root Sum of Squares”
SD: Signal Detect
SerDes: Serializer/Deserializer
SFI: SFP+ high speed serial electrical interface
SNR: signal-to-noise ratio
VccT: Module positive power supply rail for the transmitter
VccR: Module positive power supply rail for the receiver
VMA: voltage modulation amplitude
Tx: transmitter
TWDP: Transmitter Waveform Distortion Penalty for an optical transmitter
TWDPc: Transmitter Waveform Distortion Penalty of a host transmitter supporting an electrical cable assembly
UI: unit interval = 1 symbol period
UJ: Uncorrelated Jitter
WDP: Waveform distortion penalty
WDPc: Waveform distortion penalty for an electrical cable assembly

SFF Specifications

There are several projects active within the SFF Committee. The complete list of specifications which have been completed or are still being worked on are listed in the specification at ftp://ftp.seagate.com/sff/SFF-8000.TXT

Document Sources

Those who join the SFF Committee as an Observer or Member receive electronic copies of the minutes and SFF specifications (http://www.sffcommittee.com/ie/join.html).
Copies of ANSI standards may be purchased from the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (http://tinyurl.com/c4psg).
Copies of SFF, T10 (SCSI), T11 (Fibre Channel) and T13 (ATA) standards and standards still in development are available on the HPE version of CD_Access (http://tinyurl.com/85fts).
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