Fiber series first week news Abstract 2

2012-01-01 14:55:10

Week News Abstract For Fiber Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

JDSU offers ONT-600 Multi-Port Test Module
JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU) (TSX: JDU) has unveiled the ONT-600 Multi-Port Test Module (MTM) that offers multi-protocol, multi-rate test and measurement support for the development of optical network elements designed to deliver Carrier Ethernet, Optical Transport Network (OTN), and 100-Gbps services.The ONT-600 MTM's port density and feature set reduce capital expenditure and operating expense by eliminating the need to purchase, manage, and maintain multiple test sets, JDSU asserts.System verification and production users in particular will benefit from the MTM, adds JDSU. The ONT-600 MTM enables up to four users to simultaneously and independently use one module. The ONT-600’s 12-module capacity enables the performance of up to 48 independent tests. Operationally, the MTM's high port density also enables users to reduce infrastructure and power consumption costs by providing a design that is 4X smaller and with 50% less power consumption than current test equipment, JDSU says.As the name implies, the MTM pairs with JDSU’s newly announced ONT-600 platform. The ONT-600 is designed to maximize scalability and flexibility through the support of 1-Gbps to 100-Gbps technologies for all stages of the product development lifecycle, including research and design, system verification testing, and network element production testing.
Yenista offers O-Band tunable laser
Yenista Optics has released a new tunable laser for applications in the O-Band (1310-nm) wavelength region. The T100 model uses a new optical cavity design to provide high optical power with low noise, according to the company. The combination of high power and low noise output has not been possible with conventional tunable laser designs, Yenista asserts. However, the company says its patented self-filtered external cavity laser technology overcomes conventional limitations.The new T100 O-band laser operates from 1270 nm to 1340 nm with up to +6 dBm output power and a signal to spontaneous emission ratio (SSER) of over 80 dB/0.1 nm. The laser is particularly suitable for characterizing narrow bandwidth filters and as a light source for testing high-speed transmission systems, Yenista says.“The original or O-band, operating around 1310 nm, has been widely used for short-reach telecom applications. It corresponds to the low dispersion region of standard singlemode fiber but is limited to non-amplified links by the lack of optical amplifiers. With the demand for higher capacity in access and data networks there is now a resurgence of interest in this wavelength band.” said Nicephore Nicolas, Yenista’s sales and marketing manager. “Engineers developing and testing components for the latest 40- and 100-Gigabit Ethernet and FTTH/PON networks really benefit from the performance of Yenista’s Tunics T100 lasers.”Yenista will be demonstrating the Tunics T100 lasers at the upcoming OFC/NFOEC exhibition at the Los Angeles Convention Center, March 8-10, booth 1113.
Anritsu introduces jitter tolerance, 4Tap pre-emphasis system
FEBRUARY 2, 2011 -- Anritsu Company introduces a jitter tolerance and 4Tap pre-emphasis solution designed to test interconnects up to 28 Gbps (Gbit/s) during DesignCon 2011.The new offering is designed to meet the signal-integrity requirements associated with designing backplanes for high-speed interconnects, such as Infiniband 26G-IB-EDR, CEI-25G, CEI-28G-VSR, PCI Express, SAS, SATA, FB-DIMM, USB 3.0, and Display Port, enabling engineers to ensure their products meet designated specifications.At the center of the system is the MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA), which is integrated with the MU181500B Jitter Modulation Source and MP1825B 4Tap Emphasis instrument. The solution generates pre-emphasis signals to conduct accurate tests and evaluations on high-speed devices, as well as more precise and complete signal integrity analyses up to 28 Gbit/s. Jitter tolerance testing is supported by transparent output of input data and clock jitter components without attenuation or amplification to ensure accurate, repeatable measurements.The MP1800A is a modular BERT with a built-in Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) that supports output of low intrinsic jitter signals; a built-in Error Detector (ED) with high-input sensitivity of 10 mV; and support for signal analyses, including bathtub and Q measurements. The MU181500B module adds precision SJ, RJ, BUJ, and SSC up to 28 Gbit/s to the MP1800A. Adding precision jitter components to the low-jitter, high-quality PPG waveforms supports jitter tolerance testing with high reproducibility and reliability, for easy configuration of tolerance test systems for next-generation CEI-28G-VSR interfaces.The MP1825B, operating at up to 28 Gb/s, adds four taps for various pre/post-cursors to PPG signals, offering the perfect solution for evaluating the characteristics of printed circuit boards (PCBs), such as backplanes. The four taps can be set as pre- or post-cursors with 20 dB of setting range. The MP1825B allows users to compensate for losses in high-speed data communications channels or to simulate the effects of frequency-dependent loss in those channels.
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