SFP Series fifty-first Week News Abstract 8-1

2011-12-28 14:35:36

Week News Abstract For SFP Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

EXFO adds multichannel test to 10G and 40G transport test modules
EXFO Inc. (Nasdaq:EXFO) (TSX:EXF) says it has enhanced its FTB/IQS-8120NGE/8130NGE Power Blazer Next-Generation Multiservice Test Modules and FTB/IQS-8140 Transport Blazer 40/43 Gigabit SONET/SDH/OTN Test Modules with multichannel testing capabilities. The new capabilities are designed improve the efficiency of technicians in 10G/40G labs and network equipment manufacturers by accelerating testing time.The new test capabilities enable users to simultaneously perform SDT measurements on multiple channels and to monitor in real time errors and alarms on all channels for SONET/SDH and OTN signals, EXFO says.The new features are available through a software option for existing FTB/IQS-8120NGE/8130NGE Power Blazer and FTB/IQS-8140 Transport Blazer modules."The addition of these new multichannel test capabilities to our FTB-8120NGE/8130NGE and FTB/IQS-8140 demonstrates EXFO's commitment to meeting the test needs of network equipment vendors and carrier labs," said Etienne Gagnon, EXFO's vice-president—Wireline Division and corporate marketing. "We are pleased to provide our customers these industry-leading testing tools that reduce development and verification times, and enable labs and network equipment vendors to confidently benchmark SONET/SDH and OTN performance levels."
Yenista Optics adds variable backreflector module to OSICS test platform
Yenista Optics has added a new module to its multi-channel OSICS test platform. The “OSICS BKR” variable backreflector module is designed to provide a controllable back reflection of up to 55 dB over a wavelength range of 1250 nm to 1650 nm.The new module enables equipment designers to use the OSICS platform to evaluate the effects of back reflection (return loss) on their system designs. Such reflections naturally occur in fiber-optic networks, due to such factors as Rayleigh scattering, the mismatch of refractive indices within optical components, and poor or open connectors.The “OSICS BKR” can be integrated with other test instruments such as light sources, optical switches, and variable attenuators as part of the multi-channel OSICS platform, Yenista says. The modules are designed to be controlled either manually or via the GPIB and RS-232 interfaces.According to David Heard, sales and marketing manager at Yenista, “The OSICS platform is widely used throughout the fiber-optics industry. Adding additional modules provides our customers with a cost-effective upgrade without changing the platform and control software with which they are familiar. The module is particularly useful to stress transceivers for return-loss sensitivity measurements and for PON system testing where open connectors are an issue.”
Anritsu introduces high-frequency sampling oscilloscope probe
Anritsu Company introduces the J1512A Passive Probe, for use with its BERTWave MP2100A BERT and EYE/Pulse Scope and compatible with GHz-band sampling oscilloscopes.The J1512A simplifies monitoring and confirming the signal levels and waveforms of mounted electronic devices without onboard coaxial connectors, such as SMA connectors. It enables engineers to more efficiently verify the designs of high-speed digital communications equipment and devices.The J1512A Passive Probe covers the DC to 7.5 GHz frequency band and has low input capacitance (0.5 pF max.), in support of monitoring high-speed signal waveforms. The new tool’s attenuation ratio can be switched between 10:1 and 20:1 by changing the resistance, optimizing the measurement condition. Accurate evaluation of high-frequency circuits is also assured via its short ground lead with excellent elasticity.When adding this high-frequency probe to the MP2100A series, developers and manufacturers gain an efficient, accurate test solution to verify the performance of high-speed equipment and devices used in Next Generation Networks (NGNs). The BERTWave MP2100A is an all-in-one instrument for BER, eye, and pulse pattern measurements and analyses. It performs BER measurements and eye pattern analysis simultaneously, shortening measurement times.
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