Hidden discount of 10Gtek being leaked weekly

2020-03-16 17:10:25

10Gtek is known for being the optical communication accessories manufacturer of the high-quality product, competitive price, and wonderful service. In addition to the local market in China, 10Gtek has been popular globally for years on account of those features as the core advantage. And there is a secret that most people don’t know at all, which is the weekly discount code released by them.




What is the discount code?


Almost all the products related to communication, from the 1000BASE-T transceiver to 100GBASE optical transceiver, various cables, and switches, you can always get whatever you want from 10Gtek.


As you may have known, 10Gtek has two main online-stores that you can directly buy products from. The first one is SFPcables.com, the official store of 10Gtek, you can simply type it in the browser to access it. And the second one is on the famous e-commerce website, Amazon, in order to find the 10Gtek store, you can either search ‘10Gtek’ on it or just type ‘amazon.com/shops/10gtek’ in the browser.


As to the discount code, you could consider it as a coupon for you to get a cheaper price, isn’t it cool? Each of the store mentioned above has its specific discount code and also the discount varys weekly. So, the key is to get the one that meets your desire most! A bit like playing a game and trying to find out the trick to beat the monster right?




Where to get the code?


Finally, it comes to how to get the corresponding discount code for stores, the fact is it’s pretty easy but most people including the clients of 10Gtek probably don’t know that. There is only one way to find out the discount code, that is keeping your eyes on the Facebook post updated by 10Gtek on Monday. 10Gtek has two Facebook pages as well, the first one is called ‘SFPcables.com-10Gtek Products’, and the second is called ‘10Gtek’.


Just type it and search it on Facebook, then you are going to meet the miracle!




10Gtek is a professional manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, providing compatible optical modules, DAC, AOC, switch, and related accessories to customers worldwide. For more information please visit www.10gtek.com or browse http://www.sfpcables.com/.



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