A little trick makes Optical Networks different

2017-08-28 10:20:20

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1. Passive Optical Network


Passive Optical Network (PON) is now very familiar to users, it may sound strange to you but it would be totally not once you know that PON is the network makes FTTH (Fiber to the House) available. PON has been widely deployed for house network, enterprise network. A few of outstanding advantages of PON promise itself a bright future even facing the threat of Active Optical Network (AON).


A sort of component called coupler is the core of PON, since optical signal is usually required to be split into few or even more separate signals for individual user, and that is exactly what coupler is used for. The following picture is an example of a seven-port coupler. The coupler is splitting a single input signal into six outputs.


A lot of couplers are designed as bi-directional operation, which enables the same coupler to be used either to combine signals or to split signals. As the image has shown above, the signal from the input is supposed to be separated equally to each output, but the fact is the strength of each separated signal has been reduced because it lacks an amplifier.


2. Active Optical Network


Let's say you want each output to have the signal as strong as the original signal, then you might want to have a look at AON. AON refers to a network that in the transmission process, signal adopts photoelectric conversion device, active optical assemblies from OLT devices to user distribution units and fiber optic etc. to transmit. Active optical assemblies includes light source (laser), optical receiver, Optical Transceiver module, optical amplifier (fiber amplifier and semiconductor optical amplifier), etc. The active optical network belongs to the point-to-multipoint optical communication system, which is composed of ONU, optical remote terminal OLT and optical fiber transmission line.




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