SFP Series fifty-second Week News Abstract 14

2011-12-24 14:04:13

Week News Abstract For SFP Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

JDSU introduces all-in-one test tool for metro and FTTX deployments
DECEMBER 17, 2009 -- JDSU has introduced a field-interchangeable, single-slot optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) module for the T-BERD/MTS-4000 platform. According to the company, the module supports cost-effective deployment and support of metro and FTTX by combining OTDR, power meter, and laser source capabilities in a single instrument.With all the features of the T-BERD/MTS-4000 -- including a large transreflective touch-screen display, visual fault locator (VFL), and inspection scope -- the metro access (MA) mid-range OTDR adds the following performance characteristics:a stabilized light source and power meter option for insertion loss measurement, to help reduce the number of tools in the field.PON-optimized dynamic range for testing through splitters.the ability to perform in-service testing -- all OTDR lasers are coupled into one port so a separate port is not required for live fiber testing (a filtered version tests live fibers at 1,625 nm or 1,650 nm).traffic detection that will alert the user if they have connected to a live fiber and inhibit the transmission of any test pulse down the fiber.an automated bend detection mode that enables immediate identification and location of macro and micro bends."JDSU continues to bring to market innovative fiber field test solutions that meet the performance requirements of FTTX, CWDM, and triple-play services being deployed worldwide," says Enzo di Luigi, general manager in JDSU's Communications Test and Measurement business segment. "As a result, our T-BERD/MTS family of products has become the industry-leading solution for field service teams worldwide and our OTDRs are already successfully deployed at many of the world's largest telecom operators."
AFL Telecommunications intros three Noyes M700 OTDR models
JANUARY 20, 2010 -- AFL Telecommunications has introduced three new Noyes M700 models, including a Long-Range Quad OTDR being launched at the BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando this week. The three new models possess increased singlemode dynamic range and improved dead zones, the company says.The three models include:Dual Wavelength Singlemode OTDR: 1310/1550-nm 40/38 dB DR.Triple Wavelength Singlemode OTDR: 1310/1550/1625-nm 40/38/38 dB DR.Quad Wavelength OTDR: Multimode 850/1300-nm 24/24 dB and singlemode 39/37 dB DR.The singlemode M700 models are designed to test optical fibers in metro, FTTx, and long-haul networks. The long range Quad model is suited for DOT, campus, and military networks that typically have both singlemode and multimode fiber within the campus and long-distance point to point fibers, according to AFL Telecommunications.All three M700 OTDR models come with an integrated visual fault locator (VFL) and optical power meter (OPM). With a large transflective touch screen suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation, the compact OTDR offers full-auto, expert (manual and auto once) and real-time test modes, as well as precision event analysis, multi-wavelength testing, rich file naming, and intuitive job set-up functionality, AFL Telecommunications asserts. The file naming and multi-test capability (OPM and OTDR) of the M700 models combined with the analysis and reporting capabilities of the included PC software make this product easy and fast to use from set-up through report submittals, the company adds.Thousands of OTDR and OPM test results can be stored internally or on the supplied USB drive and are transferable to a computer for viewing, printing, and analyzing with supplied Windows compatible software, says AFL Telecommunications. The OPM will display up to three wavelengths simultaneously. Saved OPM loss values for a cable in one or two directions can be displayed in a table on the M700 for evaluation and comparison.All M700 models include Windows compatible PC Trace Analysis/Test Results Management software. The new Noyes M700 models are now available.
M2 introduces fiber monitor for FTTH and PON networks
SEPTEMBER 8, 2010 -- M2 Optics has introduced its FTTH/PON Fiber Monitor, designed to make monitoring every FTTH line a simple process. It provides the ability to pinpoint issues to within 1.5 meters in all FTTH fiber spans (feed, distribution, and drop fibers), enabling providers to identify issues across the entire network, increase customer service capabilities, and reduce downtime.Installed at the Central Office, the FM-PON offers 365/24/7 real-time monitoring for a variety of line issues that can affect information transmission. FTTH providers can monitor and pinpoint the exact location of faults and other issues on individual subscriber lines directly from the Central Office.With the increase in deployment of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and passive optical networks worldwide, it is crucial that FTTH providers are able to detect commonly occurring issues with the fiber lines, such as accidental breaks or degraded connections. Until now, providers were required to send a technician to locate the specific issue (typically using an OTDR) at the physical location, says a company representative. Aside from being reactive to the customers’ problems, this process was both time consuming and costly to the provider.The Fiber Monitor FTTH/PON Server offers:Real-time detection of faults in FTTH networks to 25km in length .Eliminates visits to subscriber premisis to determine location of issues .Installed in the Central Office, runs 365/24/7 unattended .Pinpoints faults in feed, distribution, and drop fiber lines - entire network .Instant alerts sent via email or SNMP-trap in existing system.The Fiber Monitor PONy is:A small mobile unit that connects to notebook PC via USB .Takes fiber line measurements on demand at Central Office or near splitters .Eliminates visits to premisis to subscriber determine location of issues .Pinpoints faults in feed, distribution, and drop fiber lines.
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