10Gtek Solutions for Cloud Computing

2014-04-21 00:48:34

More and more enterprises are moving toward cloud computing models as a way to enhance computing flexibility and efficiency. Whether you’re in the business of providing cloud computing services or are planning an internal private or hybrid cloud architecture, 10Gtek’s products can assist you. With some of the world’s largest cloud computing providers among our clientele, 10Gtek’s products are uniquely positioned to help enterprises architect the right data center to enable the cloud and capitalize on the benefits it has to offer.

10Gtek is a top-10 manufacturer for DAC Twinax cable. In view of the application of data center. 10Gtek's DAC Twinax cable, including SFP+ Cables, XFP Cables, Mini SAS Cables, CX4 Cables, Infiniband Cables, etc and QSFP+ products, including 10G, 40G & 56G QSFP+ copper and AOC cables.

SFP+ Direct Attach Copper
To further reduce cost and power in interconnect distances of less than 7-10 meters, which is sufficient to link server cards and switches, the SFP+ Direct Attach Copper replaces the optical modules and fiber with a passive copper cable with connectors identical to an SFP+ optical module. The reduction in cost and power are significant since the price of two optical modules required to support a full duplex link is approximately 10 times the cost of a fully connectorized SFP+ Direct Attach cable. SFP+ Direct Attach Copper is mainly used in Could Clution and Datacenter.

As more emphasis is placed on energy efficient data centers and higher bandwidth applications, the need for a small form factor, low power, low latency and low cost interconnect makes SFP+ Direct Attach the optimal solution for short reach 10G interconnects. Through aggregation, SFP+ Direct Attach also provides a low cost upgrade path for higher speed (40 G and 100 G) interconnects.

10Gtek also provides High Speed Interconnect Link Fiber Optical & Copper Total Solution and Optics Transceiver products, including (QSFP+, SFP, SFP+, XFP, X2, XENPAK, SDH, Bidi), OADM/MUX/Demux, Fiber Optic Patch Cords and Fiber Optic Components, etc.