HDMI Extender

10Gtek's HDMI Extender is meant to extend the transmission to a range between 10 meters and 100 meters. For the side of the transmitter, the signal comes from the port HDMI and transfers to the port RJ45. It's easy understanding and easy to use.


HDMI Extender should use in a pair. The side of the transmitter is supposed to connect with the end of signal source such as the PC (personal computer) while the side of the receiver is supposed to connect with the end of display such as the television.


For the HDMI Extender of 10Gtek, the standard HDMI 2.0 can be supported, which means the resolution of 4K@60 Hz is available and dual video streams displayed on the same screen is possible.

HDMI Extender

  • Supports copy EDID from receiver display or loop out display.
  • Supports up to 1080P High Definition resolution.
  • Supports bi-directional IR pass back.
  • Allows for cascading via additional HDMI loop out port.
  • Equalizer switch can be adjusted to reach the best transmission function.


P/N Range (m) HDMI Port
COV-HD30-D 30 2 HDMI to 2x RJ45
COV-HD30-S 30 2 HDMI to RJ45
COV-HD100-S 100 2 HDMI to 2x RJ45