There are two types of HDMI AOC provided by the 10Gtek, which are the hybrid cable (copper & fiber) and 4-core fiber (fiber only). Technically, HDMI AOC has better performance in transmitting signals to the display device on account of the perfect material used inside the cable for signal transmission, which is the fiber.


The HDMI hybrid cable has both copper and fiber inside the cable. It gives the HDMI hybrid cable a feature that no external power supply is needed in practice. The most popular HDMI standard, HDMI 2.0, is supported by the HDMI hybrid cable of 10Gtek, which means it supports 4Kx2K@60 Hz with the transmission rate of 18 Gbps.


While the HDMI 4-core fiber supports HDMI 1.4 and it might require an external power supply at the connector side of Display when the power is not enough. In fact, there is a USB Input Power Adapter provided in the package in case of an external power need according to a particular situation. HDMI 1.4 features the capbility of 4Kx2K@30 Hz with the transmission rate of 10.2 Gbps.


  • Home Theater
  • Large International Conference Center 
  • International Exhibition Hall 
  • Gymnasium
  • Commercial Cinema 
  • Outdoor Screen Advertising 
  • Airport 
  • Railway Display Screen
  • Large Ornamental Hall
  • Industrial Automation 
  • Medical Equipment
  • more...


P/N Cable Length (m) HDMI
AOC-HDMI-10 AOC Hybrid 10 2
AOC-HDMI-15 AOC Hybrid 15 2
AOC-HDMI-20 AOC Hybrid 20 2
AOC-HDMI-30 AOC Hybrid 30 2
AOC-HDMI14-PLUS-010 AOC 4-core Fiber 10 1.4
AOC-HDMI14-PLUS-015 AOC 4-core Fiber 15 1.4
AOC-HDMI14-PLUS-030 AOC 4-core Fiber 30 1.4
AOC-HDMI14-PLUS-050 AOC 4-core Fiber 50 1.4