HDMI Converter

10Gtek's HDMI Converter is specially applied for transmission range of over 100 meters. For this purpose, a conversion between electricity and light exists inside of the converter. Fiber greatly reduces the consumption during the transmission of the signal, which makes it a stable and ideal material for optical communication.


HDMI converter features having an HDMI port and an optical port (SFP+ etc.) Therefore, optical transceivers are required to use along with the HDMI converters in order to make them works. Please be aware that the there is a converter of DVD which means it should be used for the side of signal source, and there is a converter of TV which means it should be used for the display end.

HDMI Converter

● Transmission with uncompressed audio and non-delay
● 3D, HDCP and EDID Support
● DDC CEC HPD Signal Support
● Standard HDMI Connector
● Optic transmission up to 10.3Gbps
● Transceiver optional 300m to 80km
● HDMI v.1.4 with Audio Return Channel and HDMI Ethernet Channel
● Resolution: 4Kx2K@30Hz
● DDC CEC HPD Signal Support
● EMI/RFI resistant
● Optical interface: SFP+ Port
● Support 2U Rack Matrix
● Power consumption(W/O SFP+): 1400mw(Transmitter)/ 1000mW(Receiver)
● Operating Temp:0~70°C

● Multimedia information publishing and large screen splicing system;
● News centers, traffic guidance and information display systems;
● Outdoor large screen display system, Sports field, multimedia conferencing system; Military exercises, spaceflight, 

   customhouse, airports, stations, ports, prisons, museums and galleries

P/N Range HDMI Port
CON-HDMI-TV/CON-HDMI-DV 300 m to 80 km 1.4 HDMI to SFP+