SFP+/QSFP28 Extender

Solution for Liquid Immersion Cooling System

Liquid cooling has been an accepted method of conditioning electronics for more than half a century. Immersion Cooling is at the foundation of Immersed Computing. It means the complete immersion of electronic components in a dielectric liquid. By doing so, all the heat generated by the IT is captured in the liquid. Suitable dielecric liquids can absorb approximately 1500 times more heat energy than air with the same volumes and temperatures.

Concerning the device temperature control, the aplication of immersed computing design is a trend. However, the performance of fiber lens degrades in liquids, which means that the I/0 link can't support the deployment of transceivers and active optical cables. 10Gtek® CVT-Q/Q-Cage-XXX, QSFP28 Extender, CVT-S/S-Cage-XXX, SFP+ Extender,  are designed to be applied for immersion solution. It extends the interfaces to surface, aiming to realize the interconnection of transceivers and AOC cables.