SFP Series forty-ninth Week News Abstract 13

2011-12-03 10:58:35

Week News Abstract For SFP Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

Huawei intros indoor/outdoor ONT, Intelligent ODN
Huawei has unveiled the HG8240 Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and its Intelligent Optical Distribution Network (iODN) concept at the FTTH Conference in Orlando.The HG8240 ONT is designed for use indoors, “just indoors,” and outdoors. The unit offers two POTS and four Gigabit Ethernet ports; a system-on-a-chip enables wire-speed Gigabit Ethernet performance. The fact that is can be used for multiple applications minimizes inventory costs increases installation service provisioning efficiency, Huawei asserts. Its power management function enables energy efficiency, the company adds.Meanwhile, the iODN brings intelligence to the fiber management system while maintaining the passive nature of the ODN network, Huawei says. It leverages eIDs -- electronic identification technology embedded in the fiber connector -- to automatically identify and manage fiber connections, intelligently determine fiber connection operations, and accurately manage optical splitters, the company asserts. Operators can use the iODN capability to automatically search for a target optical fiber and appropriately operate it, thus improving FTTH roll outs and network troubleshooting.
OFS unveils AllWave FLEX+ zero water peak fiber for in-building networks
OFS has introduced AllWave FLEX+ fiber, which it asserts is the first zero water peak (ZWP) singlemode fiber compliant to the ITU-T G.657.A2 specification. AllWave FLEX+ fiber offers bend performance 20X better than conventional singlemode fibers and is fully compatible with conventional singlemode fiber, OFS asserts.The new AllWave FLEX + ZWP fiber is designed for use in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), cell sites, enterprise networks, or any application where small bend diameters may be encountered. AllWave FLEX+ ZWP fiber is designed to maintain very low bending loss across the spectrum of wavelengths from 1260 to 1625 nm. It can be coiled into a 7.5-mm-radius loop with <0.5 dB incurred loss at 1550 nm and <1.0 dB incurred loss at 1625 nm, says OFS. The fiber also offers <0.1 dB incurred loss at 1550 nm and <0.2 dB incurred loss at 1625 nm at a 10-mm-radius loop.OFS says its AllWave FLEX+ fiber leverages an optimized waveguide design that offers easier, lower loss fusion splicing than other G.657.A2 fibers. It is fully splice- and performance-compatible with the company’s AllWave ZWP fiber, AllWave FLEX ZWP fiber, and EZ-Bend Technology fibers, as well as other conventional singlemode fiber types.AllWave FLEX+ fiber retains the performance benefits of OFS’s AllWave ZWP fiber, including low splice and connector loss, as well as low and stable polarization mode dispersion (PMD), says OFS. It is available in OFS’s premises cable and connectivity product lines. This includes the OFS FOX Fiber Optics to the X MDU, cabinet, cell site, and central office products.
3M offers Crimplok+ Connector for FTTx connectivity without a splice, gel, or adhesive
 The 3M Communication Markets Division has released the 3M Crimplok+ Connector, which the company asserts is the first commercially available FTTx field-mounted connector for 900 µm singlemode fiber that meets indoor and outdoor performance requirements without a splice, gel, or adhesive. The SC-compatible Crimplok+ Connectors are designed to combine the speed and easy installation of mechanical splice connectors with the performance of fusion splice-on connectors for FTTx. A metallic element within the connector mechanically locks the fiber in place. The connector is designed without a splice, which 3M says eliminates a potential optical loss point. The absence of gel or adhesive removes performance issues commonly associated with these elements.Crimplok+ Connector installation is faster and less craft-intensive than fusion splicing, 3M asserts. The connectors can install the connectors using hand tools. According to 3M, the fiber is cleaved, inserted through the connector, and locked in place using the 3M Crimplok+ Protrusion Setting Tool. The fiber tip is then polished with the 3M Crimplok+ Nano Finishing Tool. The handheld finishing tool uses a polishing film and an orbital mechanism, and is designed to operate with a single turn of a knob.Crimplok+ Connectors also have a streamlined boot attached to the body to minimize the chance of the technician losing or forgetting to include it during the termination process. The boot also keeps the fiber from kinking during side pull, 3M says.The Crimplok+ Connector is thermally balanced and is tested for indoor and outdoor FTTP and premises application conditions from -40° to 167° F. The APC version of the connector maintains optical reflections of less than -60 dB. The connectors are RoHS compliant.3M says a “major U.S. operator” is using the Crimplok+ Connector to roll out FTTH to multi-dwelling units in Texas. For an additional perspective on this technology, see “The case for field-terminated mechanical connectivity” elsewhere on the Lightwave site.
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