Fiber Channel Cables and Infiniband Cables at High-Speed Connectivity to 6 Gbps?

2012-12-11 11:38:12

High-Speed Connectivity to 6 Gbps:
Fiber Channel or Infiniband hardware transmitting at 6 Gbps are two newcomers to external connectivity between systems. These interfaces allow full duplex data transmission at these sustained rates. We provide Fiber Channel Cables and Infiniband Cables that meet or exceed published specifications.

Fiber Channel Cables and Infiniband Cables Features & Benefits?
? Both Infiniband and Fiber Channel allow for implementation with either copper wire or fiber optic cable. For short distances (up to 10 meters), copper cables are cost effective. For longer drops, fiber optic cable will work up to 10 Gbps.

? Copper Infiniband and Fiber Channel cables and connectors have been designed for specific high data transfer rates. Certified testing ensures compliance and performance.

? All assemblies are built using flexible cable, allowing them to be routed easily.

? Connectors have been selected for their reliability and ease of use.
 Fiber Channel Cable / Infiniband Cable Applications:
   External connections between network equipment.
   External connection between systems and disk arrays.