SFP Series forty-ninth Week News Abstract 8

2011-11-30 17:52:49

Week News Abstract For SFP Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

Ericsson launches 40-Gbps WDM-PON platform
Ericsson this week unveiled the EA 1100 WDM-PON platform. The EA 1100 platform is a result of its joint venture with LG-Ericsson and now part of Ericsson’s WDM-PON offering."Ericsson’s investment in WDM-PON isn’t just to beat any PON speed records but to address high-value applications demanded by our customers." said Phil Winterbottom, head of product line broadband access, Ericsson. "We envision the world moving towards 50 billion connected devices in 2020 and as connection speeds continue to increase, technologies such as WDM-PON provide the high-speed connectivity that will become essential in applications like mobile backhaul for LTE."The WDM-PON platform is designed to provide simple, colorless technology for easy network installation, minimal sparing and maintenance, and continuation of the point-to-point paradigm that Ericsson asserts operators use today. The carrier-grade Ethernet-based EA 1100 platform with WDM-PON technology provides scalability and reliability for enterprises, mobile backhaul, and other applications requiring symmetrical Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, the company concludes.
Elecom Engineering USA unveils WDM Lite PON system
Telecom Engineering has unwrapped its WDM Lite PON system. The WDM-PON system is designed to give last-mile fiber providers a highly secure and flexible alternative to GPON and EPON.Using Telecom Engineering’s WDM technology, up to 44 channels are multiplexed onto a fiber trunk. One channel is dropped at each customer location using a one- or two-fiber drop cable and Telecom Engineering ONU. Each channel at each customer location can support 100 Mbps, Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), OC-48, 10GbE, OC-192, 40-Gbps, or 100-Gbps traffic. This gives services providers significant flexibility and bandwidth expansion capacity, enabling them to maximize their revenues without having to overbuild their network, Telecom Engineering asserts. Along with individualizing data rate, service providers are free to choose the protocol that best matches their requirements, including customizing them to any individual subscriber, the company adds.WDM-PON also provides more security for each subscriber’s data than GPON or EPON, as each channel is physically isolated from all others, Telecom Engineering concludes.
Rural Telecom Cooperative expands regional network with Force10 Ethernet switching platforms
Copper Valley Telecom (CVTC) has selected Force10 Networks Inc. to help continue its overall network expansion, in an effort to deliver enhanced broadband services to its rural customer base in Alaska. CVTC deployed Force10 S Series Ethernet access switches to enable the efficient aggregation and delivery of network services over its existing telecommunications infrastructure.CVTC was recently awarded funding from the USDA Broadband Initiative Program (BIP) grants, which facilitate the deployment of new or improved broadband Internet facilities and equipment. CVTC is using Federal stimulus funding to expand its network by providing advanced data and voice services to underserved rural users.Prior to deploying the S Series, CVTC deployed several Force10 transport and access products for its primary interoffice fiber and microwave links."As a longtime customer of Force10's Traverse product line, we were confident that they would provide highly reliable, cost-effective Ethernet switching capabilities," says Gary Farrell, switching & network manager CVTC. “The S50 paid immediate dividends by providing scalable Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) aggregation for our gateway platforms, giving our network the low-latency performance it needs for delivering advanced data and voice services to our customers."The S50 provides non-blocking, line-rate switching to meet the performance requirements of demanding networks, while including architectural features that optimize network efficiency. The compact, high-density S50 switch provides 48 GbE access ports and up to four optional 10 GbE uplinks in 1-RU. The S50 runs on the modular Force10 Operating System (FTOS) software, which delivers the inherent stability that is required in aggregation deployments."From a unique perspective, rural telcos such as CVTC place a high premium on reliability and responsiveness," says Arpit Joshipura, chief marketing officer, Force10 Networks. "As a result, CVTC has turned to Force10 Networks.”
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