SFP series forty-fourth Week News Abstract 7

2011-10-28 10:03:37

Week News Abstract For SFP Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

FTTH classification and analysis of fast connector
Now includes the foreign country, connector manufacturers more quickly, the material on its structure and also formed their own characteristics. Structure Category: Mechanical Splicing-and hot-melt two categories. Mechanical splice type was divided: Straight and embedded type. Straight: cable stripping, cutting directly through to the end of the connector from the top of the internal connector is no connection point; embedded type: mortise joints embedded within a fiber optic cable stripping, cut and embedded optical fiber docking connector inside the tank v, V tank filled with matching fluid. First: the cable end of the cutting dependence; because the structure is straight from the connector end of the fiber directly to the connector through the top, which means cutting fiber optic connector end face is, if the fiber cut end is not flat, is bound to affect connector performance indicators, especially the return loss is more insecure; traditional pigtails, jumpers in the production of indicators to ensure their return, are to go through the grinding, and grinding process according to the different ferrule, fiber optic cable on the end to distinguish, into PC, UPC, APC, and only through hand-cut face structure, there is no ground, let alone PC, UPC, APC, if you want to ensure quality, can only rely on the operator of the cutting level, so the requires the operator to have a strong fiber construction capabilities and experience.Second, the diameter of the ceramic ferrule and fiber matches demanding; through the same type of structure is also due to the tail fiber directly from the connector to the connector through the top, which requires internal diameter ceramic ferrule fiber cable diameter greater than or equal to Otherwise, do not go through. But it is not too big, too much fiber in the ferrule was led inside the rock, leading to partial core. Thus affecting the connector performance.Third, the length of the cutting, gripping parts demanding strength; cutting the fiber if you stay long or short fibers resulting in wear when naked through the head or head, can lead to attenuation. Besides, even length of the place, a fixed optical fiber cable for the rear gripping piece high strength requirements; cable because the site and the user in the course of the pull, and with the increase of life, the material deformation can cause fiber-optic cable relative displacement occurs with the connector. Experiments show that bulge or sag in the case of more than 50nm, the connector will become a great loss. Of course, straight structure also has its advantages, the connector itself is its simple structure, relatively easy to plant, so the cost is low.
Positioned to grasp for broadband power line communication "end edge"
With the development of smart grid, "old" power line communication technology has fundamentally changed. However, broadband power line communication on the merits of the industry remains fierce battle. Advocates of this technology to identify the various questionable in itself. In this way can the smart grid construction in new development. Technology to locate: grasp the "terminal benefits" Power Line Communication technology has been developed in the West nearly half a century, and continues to technological innovation. For the open online world, is to present a wide range of communications technology, words, different communication technologies have different orientation and field of application. If simply a new generation of broadband powerline communications and optical fiber communication technology than the former in the transmission rate and so naturally there is a gap. However, the power line as the most extensive network coverage, is a convenient, flexible, low cost way to communicate, to maximize the advantages of communication at the end.In recent years, the Korean government pushing the development of power line communication, be regarded as the optimal way home interior wiring, widely used in security alarms, emergency relief and other fields. In the smart grid construction, power line communication and give full play to its overall communications systems in the application of benefits, such as communication and fiber composite applications, the formation of complementary strengths, to save costs, conserve resources to resolve the family, the end user's communication the problem. Historical role: full participation in the construction of smart grid From traditional voice calls, broadband access, to information collection is now widely used in electricity, power fiber to the home construction, power line communication technology at different times to play a different role in history, its applications are no longer limited to basic communication services, but with the smart grid development expand. Broadband power line communication technology in the construction of fiber to the home with electricity end consumption play an important supporting role. The use of electric line appliances, equipment, connection and save repetition brings fiber directly home construction and a larger investment. At the same time, there is no condition for laying the fiber the old district, power lines and can play its flexible and convenient features, to achieve an effective transfer of information. In addition, the technology is still widely used in information collection power, good service in the power of marketing automation and intelligent. Electricity to the residents of the home through the information collection and analysis to help users find the home of "big power", to develop scientific habits of consumption. Applications: from urban to rural areas Power Line Communication in rural areas has broad application prospects. The use of rural coverage of nearly 100% of existing power lines, just be a simple transformation, the basis of communication resources without re-building, power lines needed for rural users of broadband Internet access, voice calls and other communications needs. As early as 2004, FibrLINK company has already begun powerline communications services in rural areas, in Fuping County, Hebei village with a large channel units for long-distance power line communication between the villages of tests to achieve a remote mountain village and the outside call dreams, but also planted the seeds of the triple play, broadband power line communications in rural areas has accumulated experience in application. State Grid Corporation of rural power grids with the depth, power line communications in rural areas is bound to accomplish much.
Roma to develop ultra low resistance jumper resistor
Japan's leading semiconductor maker Rohm Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan) to develop on-resistance values ??down to Max0.5m?, while a substantial increase in the rated current of the ultra-low resistance jumper resistor "PMR Jumper Series."This product has begun to provide samples (sample price: 20 yen / month), and starting in September to 10 million per month in volume production scale. Production base in the ROHM Electronics Philippines Inc. (Philippines).In recent years, along with the multi-functional electronic devices, circuit current value is also increasing, this jumper resistor power loss and voltage leakage has been more ignored, therefore, closer to zero resistance jumper resistor demand rising.The Roma developed PMR jumper series, with a conductive body resistance performance of a special alloy, greatly reducing the resistance value (traditional products, 1 / 100), in addition, the chip through the original structure, the rated current substantial increase in high-current power can be achieved when the power-pressure drop and power loss minimization. Not only that, but also from portable devices to meet a wide range of automotive equipment requirements, product line has reached 500 kinds of products, ranging in size from 1608 (22.4A) to 6432 (63.2A). This will reduce the power consumption of a variety of electronic devices make a significant contribution.
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