SFP Series forty-eighth Week News Abstract 13

2011-11-26 11:47:51

Week News Abstract For SFP Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

SureWest selects ADTRAN Total Access 5000 for Carrier Ethernet
JULY 13, 2009 -- Independent communications holding company SureWest Communications has selected ADTRAN's (search Lightwave for ADTRAN) Total Access 5000 Carrier Ethernet access platform and NetVanta 800 Series of intelligent network termination units (NTUs) to deliver Ethernet services to business customers in its Sacramento, CA market.ADTRAN says its products will allow SureWest's operating subsidiaries to offer Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-compliant services such as Ethernet Private Line (E-Line) and Ethernet LAN (E-LAN) to their customers efficiently by leveraging the facilities and equipment that already exist at customer locations."SureWest selected ADTRAN's Ethernet access solution because of its ability to deliver Ethernet over TDM (EoTDM) services across our existing network infrastructure," says Scott Barber, SureWest's vice president and general manager of operations in California. "By placing the Total Access 5000 in appropriate points of presence within our network, we can offer advanced Ethernet services ubiquitously across our existing network infrastructure. When you consider the fact that the platform also supports Ethernet over copper and Ethernet over fiber, along with other business and residential access applications, we expect the Total Access 5000 will provide us with the right migration strategy toward extending our Ethernet infrastructure."The access platform combines with the NTUs to provide a scalable end-to-end Ethernet system. By bonding together traditional TDM DS-1 and DS-3 circuits per the ITU-T G.998.2 standard, ADTRAN says its offerings provide a cost-effective, low-overhead, fault-tolerant EoTDM alternative to MLPPP technologies. The entire system enables traffic management, quality-of-service, and measurement capabilities that allow carriers to offer flexible service-level agreement (SLA)-based services to their end customers. Resiliency and redundancy features enable a service provider to offer and support high-availability business services."We are pleased to be the Carrier Ethernet vendor for SureWest," says P. Steven Locke, vice president of sales, service providers, ADTRAN Carrier Networks Division. "The flexibility of the ADTRAN Carrier Ethernet access platform fulfills an immediate need for EoTDM service delivery while providing a clear path to supporting future next-generation services."
Arapahoe Telephone Co. to deploy FTTN
JULY 20, 2009 -- Arapahoe Telephone Co., an independent, family-owned carrier serving southern Nebraska, has selected the Total Access 5000 Multi-Service Access and Aggregation Platform (MSAP) and Total Access 1124P Outside Plant (OSP) Broadband Multimedia Gateway (BMG) from ADTRAN Inc. (search Lightwave for ADTRAN) for its fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) deployment."It was time for a network upgrade to enhance our ability to offer broadband services to all of our customers. The Total Access 5000 had the best mix of transport and access technologies to meet all of our needs," said John E. Koller, general manager, Arapahoe Telephone. "We are building a core network of Total Access 5000s and expanding out to lower line count areas with the Total Access 1124Ps. This was a more cost-effective solution than retrofitting legacy cabinets and also provided the added benefits of shortening loop lengths for next-generation broadband service delivery. Knowing that ADTRAN has tens of thousands of 1100s deployed, we were very comfortable with our decision."The ADTRAN Total Access 5000 is a carrier-class multi-service access and aggregation platform with an all-Ethernet core that enables the platform to support both legacy and emerging service interfaces over copper and fiber. The Total Access 1124P combines the technology and cost-savings benefits of an OSP BMG, which allows service providers to deliver baseband POTS and broadband multimedia to any customer over a single phone line, with a POTS to voice over IP (VoIP) gateway to expand service delivery in the access network.
Vendors amp up broadband marketing efforts in response to decline
JULY 21, 2009 -- The economic downturn and rising competition from cable and telco companies combined to make 2008 a year of uncertainty for the North American residential broadband services market, notes market analysis firm Frost & Sullivan (search Lightwave for Frost & Sullivan). New lows in housing dipped to new lows resulted in increased vacancy rates, affecting broadband usage. Access lines are dropping swiftly, says the firm, but revenues are offset by high-speed Internet subscribers as well as video. Strained by the impact of the overall economic conditions and market maturity, the residential broadband market growth rate is on a decline.In its "North American Residential Broadband Services Markets Tracker," Frost & Sullivan finds that the market earned of more than $36.7 billion in revenues and estimates 78.9 million subscribers in 2008."The saturated market has encouraged cable, telco, and satellite operators to concentrate on customer value, and heavy emphasis is placed on retaining existing customers and obtaining new ones," says research analyst Gina Villanueva. "Providers are strengthening their retention efforts by invigorating customer value through service bundling to create an alluring price for consumers and generate a higher attach rate for the provider's services."Bundling packages enable companies to acquire access line subscribers. Besides bundling, providers are promoting two-year price guarantees, and some are offering lifetime price guarantees. They are rejuvenating customer service and training employees to efficiently resolve queries. Cable and telco operators are reducing contract rates with customers to provide optimized services without frustrating their subscribers.Vendors are also unleashing enhanced products to reinforce their hold on the customer base. Furthermore, operators are optimizing their networks to speeds up to 100 Mbps, creating a variety of options for broadband Internet packages. Though slower net additions to both cable and telco operators are expected during 2009, subscribers will benefit from higher speeds, more robust features, and lower prices, says the firm's report, helping to oil the wheels of the market and guarantee a steady revenue stream for participants.Cable still holds its position as the technology leader in the broadband segment, although its market share declined due to the advanced technologies for telcos, such as FTTX, which has increased its market size during the past two years. For 4Q08, Verizon posted the highest net additions compared to that of all other providers in North America.At a technology level, DSL providers' growth rates will witness a downslide year-over-year as subscribers migrate to higher-bandwidth fiber technologies. Satellite is a growing market in small towns, rural markets, and cities where terrestrial broadband is nonexistent.Fiber technology is the weapon used by traditional telecommunication providers to counter cable operators' deployment of their next-generation DOCSIS 3.0. The Canadian market is a growing market, offering huge potential. Similar to the U.S., Canadian telco operators have unleashed their fiber-optic networks to compete with cable providers that offer speeds up to 100 Mbps downstream.
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