SFP Series forty-seventh Week News Abstract 3

2011-11-14 11:10:58

Week News Abstract For SFP Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

EXA Powered Calix C7 supports IPv6 migration
Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) says it has added the ability to support IPv6 migration to its Ethernet eXtensible Architecture (EXA) Powered Calix C7 Multiservice Access Platform (MSAP). A new software release enables dual stack support for both IPv4 addresses and IPv6 addresses.With the supply of IPv4 addresses running out, service providers must migrate to IPv6."The IPv4 address pool from ARIN in North America is drying up and practically gone from APNIC in the Asia-Pacific region," said Frank Bulk, technology and product development manager, Premier Communications. "Every company that delivers broadband services has to migrate to IPv6, and by partnering with Calix, we can support both IPv6 traffic and IPv4 traffic, across GPON, VDSL2, and ADSL2+, from the Internet all the way to a residential gateway through a straight-forward software upgrade on existing hardware. We needed to support native IPv6 and IPv4 on our 'VLAN per service' broadband network."By adopting a dual-stack architecture with support for IPv4 and native IPv6, the new software release ensures that the migration is seamless and timely, with no equipment changes, Calix asserts. Said Kevin Pope, senior vice president of product development at Calix, "With our latest C7 software release, every one of these platforms can be updated to support IPv6 addresses, as well as existing IPv4 addresses. From the newest C7 deployments with 10GbE transport, line rate GPON, and V DSL2 to the very first C7s with SONET and ADSL, every C7 can be upgraded to a dual stack IPv4/IPv6 access network.”
Iowa Communications Network deploys ADVA Optical Networking gear statewide
ADVA Optical Networking (FSE: ADV) says that the Iowa Communications Network (ICN) is deploying the ADVA FSP 3000 optical transport system in a project funded via the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP). The ICN fiber-optic network will offer improved broadband services to anchor institutions such as K-12 schools, higher education, healthcare, state and federal government, National Guard armories, and libraries throughout Iowa.ICN operates a fiber-optic network throughout that state that consists of more than 8,500 owned and leased miles. The ICN upgrade project will increase backbone speeds to 10 Gbps and enable ICN to reach all 99 counties in Iowa. The middle-mile network also will enable symmetrical 1-Gbps Ethernet connections to the anchor institutions it connects. Nearly 1,000 installations are expected to be completed over the course of a two-year period.“The BTOP grants are to stimulate the economy by generating new opportunities to improve broadband in the US, and that it has by permitting the ICN to enhance our fiber-optic network through the acquisition of the latest equipment,” said Joseph Cassis, ICN’s director of business and governmental services.
Zhone expands FiberHome broadband access portfolio
Zhone Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: ZHNE) has added two new products to its FiberHome portfolio of broadband access network equipment.  Available immediately, the MXP-160/260 and MXP-180/280 1U SLMS platforms enhance operators' connectivity options by integrating VDSL2, Active Ethernet, and VoIP capabilities."Upgrading of last mile networks with end-to-end fiber continues at a robust pace," said Brian Caskey, Zhone's chief marketing officer. "In many cases, new fiber or last-mile fiber can become costly and the ability to use deployed copper to provide advanced multi-play services becomes essential. With advancements in copper, VDSL2 has become an optimum alternative for high-bandwidth connectivity." Zhone's high-speed copper-to-the-premises (CTTP) offering is based on VDSL2 and enables up to 100-Mbps symmetrical connectivity in areas where fiber is cost prohibitive. Zhone offers an end-to-end product set, including VDSL2 CPE and central office products for multi-dwelling units, remote terminals, and central office deployments. In the cases where fiber can be extended cost-effectively, Zhone FiberHome will provide Active Ethernet connectivity.The MXP-160/260 offers 24 VDSL2 and 24 POTS (VoIP) ports to support triple-play delivery; and up to four Fast/Gigabit Ethernet (MXP-160) or up to three Fast/Gigabit Ethernet and one GPON (MXP-260 only) uplink interfaces. The MXP-180/280 offers 24 SFP-based Active Ethernet (Fast Ethernet) and 24 POTS (VoIP) ports, to support triple-play delivery; and up to four Fast/Gigabit Ethernet (MXP-180) or up to three Fast/Gigabit Ethernet and one GPON (MXP-280 only) uplink interfaces. The MXP-160/260 and MXP-180/280 also include complete ZMS integration, allowing carriers to reduce service turn-up intervals, reduce truck rolls, and ultimately, improve customer service.Zhone will showcase the new MXP-160/260 and MXP-180/280 1U SLMS platforms in its booth (#109) at TelcoTV 2011 in New Orleans, 25-27 Oct.
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