SFP Series forty-sixth Week News Abstract 3

2011-11-07 10:40:47

Week News Abstract For SFP Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

Cable industry to adapt to the future development of the layout in advanc
In fact, so far, the market is undergoing subtle changes. As the optical fiber and cable market in short supply situation in the formation, optical fiber and cable products, prices rapidly increasing, in terms of price increase for producers is good news, but the accompanying sharp rise in the price of optical fiber preform for the industry is undoubtedly a a huge disappointment. The cost of optical fiber preform in the overall cost of production in about 50% -60% of the share, currently 70% of the preform product is imported, and this year the International preform prices have increased from $ 150 to over 160 U.S. dollars . Mr Chan in an interview with reporters on the forecast in the second quarter, the optical fiber preform prices will steadily rise, this would certainly have brought unprecedented pressure on domestic enterprises. Therefore, improving the capability of independent innovation, ahead of the layout of the optical fiber preform market is the domestic enterprises must begin.At present, many domestic enterprises have realized the mainstream and increase the area of ??the layout of the optical fiber preform. Armored Morimichi Cable Co., Ltd. is also planning to prepare again, analysts point out that in 2010 China's optical fiber and cable companies will usher in the field of population break preform.Earnings from the first quarter can be seen, R & D capabilities to enhance the report also made ??a direct contribution, particularly in the preform part. Mr Chan told reporters that from the first quarter earnings, the ownership of the product and did not preform preform products, significant differences in performance of the company, directly reflected in the company's gross margin and net profit on.After the first quarter of the year in the analysis of optical fiber and cable market, Ma Su Ping said that as the fiber optic cable capacity to the production start time is shorter, and the market structure is monopolistic competition in the competitive landscape, supply and demand is expected to show the country this year, "the former tight Song "posture, which in the first half demand, tight supply, causing prices to rise, gross margin growth; while in the second half with a lot of drawing capacity comes on stream, prices will come down slightly. However, the year in 2008 compared to the level of gross margin should be 4% -5% increase on the company's consolidated gross margin contribution of fiber optic cable about 2%.
Broadband optical transmission with non-zero dispersion fiber
Study is to optimize G.655 fiberdispersion coefficient, dispersion slope, effective area, the operating wavelength range. In order to better meet the DWDM system transmission rate, channel spacing, the changing needs of working wavelength, the ITU Study Group 15 in January 2003 to the 2000 edition of ITU-T G.655 A, B two kinds of fiber, and further fine divided into the ITU-TG.655A, B, C three kinds of fiber. Subdivision on the grounds that they only support G.655A fibers and above 200GHz spacing DWDM, 10Gbit / s system transmission 400km in the C-band applications, it can support 10Gbit / s based DWDM systems. G.655B fiber support and below 100GHz spacing DWDM in C and L band 10Gbit / s 3000km transmission system applications. G.655C eliminate the 1385nm optical fiber near the water peak, the system can work in the 1360 ~ 1530nm, both to meet the spacing of 100GHz and below the C and L-band DWDM applications, but also make N × 10Gbit / s system transmission 3000km, or N × 40Gbit / s system transmission over 80km. However, G.655 fiber in N × 10Gbit / s DWDM system applications, it is found that there is a narrow operating wavelength, dispersion slope and other issues, in order to solve the problem of G.655 fiber, optical fiber manufacturers all over the world to carry out a well-known broadband optical transmission with non-zero dispersion shifted fiber research in recent years has developed this new type of fiber, that broadband optical transmission with non-zero dispersion shifted fiber.
The difference between fiber patch cords and pigtails
Fiber jumpers from equipment used to make fiber-optic cabling to link the jumper cables. A thick layer of protection, usually used in the connection between the Optical and the terminal box.Pigtail wire pigtail known, only one end of the connector, the other end is a cable core of breakage, fusion and other fiber optic cable through the core is connected, it often occurs within the fiber optic terminal box, cable and fiber optic transceivers for connection device (also used between the coupler, jumpers, etc.).Optical fiber and optical fiber connector is detachable between (active) connection device, which is the fiber end face precision docking of the two together to make the launch fiber output power to maximize the light coupled into the fiber to the receiver, and to intervene because of its optical link and the system to minimize the impact, which is the basic requirement of fiber optic connectors. To a certain extent, also affected the fiber optic connector optical transmission system reliability and the performance.
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