Fiber series second week news Abstract 1

2012-01-08 10:23:34

Week News Abstract For Fiber Series in 10GTEK
The abstract is mainly about the optical communication related products,including: FTTH,GPON,EPON,SFPPLC,PTN,ODN,Optical module,Optical devices,optical communications,Optical transceiver module,Etc.

First World efficiency lacking
A SINGTEL sales representative - or one from its partner - visited my home on Nov 27 and I signed up for its fibre-optic broadband service. I received an SMS the next day stating that my service appointment for the connection would be on Jan 12 next year. A letter with the same message arrived in the mail Dec 2. I called the SingTel call centre twice and the response both times was: The connection date cannot be brought forward.Why can SingTel not engage more service teams to speed up the installation process? Why should the fibre-optic network infrastructure sit idle for over a month'.It has been a long time since Singaporeans had to wait so long for basic services. We can apply for water and utility services and get connected within a day or two. What happened to the basic efficiency we have achieved to compete effectively with neighbouring economies? My experience with Hong Kong's City Telecom illustrates how SingTel can improve. City Telecom single-handedly developed the fibre-optic network covering over 95 per cent of homes in Hong Kong. In Singapore, the development of the fibre-optic network infrastructure is largely funded by the Government and yet the rates charged by telcos for similar service packages are twice those charged by City Telecom.Public transport and the taxi service in Singapore suffer the same problem as SingTel. How independent are the different taxi operators? How truly competitive is the taxi business'When ComfortDelGro announced revised fare increases, the National Taxi Association was said to be in talks with other taxi operators to urge them to adjust their fares as well ('NTA's action seen by some as price-fixing bid'; Thursday).The Competition Commission of Singapore had fined 16 maid employment agencies for price fixing ('16 maid agencies fined for price-fixing'; Oct 1). Are not the actions of the taxi operators similar'The National Taxi Association should be dismantled as it is anti-competitive and will result in poor efficiency and high costs.
Weekly: Oplink Communications falls in weak trading with rising open interest
Oplink Communications (OPLK.O), NASDAQ's 4th largest Fiber Optics company by market capitalisation, dipped 9.0c (or 0.5%) to US$16.43 in the week ending Friday December 09. Compared with the NASDAQ-100 index which rose 16.6 points (or 0.7%) in the week, this represented a relative price change of -1.3%. Price Change % 1-week 3-month OPLK -0.54% 2.56% Fiber Optics 1.58% -3.96% NASDAQ-100 0.72% 7.16% .Volatility: the stock traded between an intraweek low of US$15.44 and a three-week high of US$17.23. Volume weighted price (VWP): the price is at a premium of 1.9% to the 3-month volume weighted average price (VWP) of US$16.12. Given that this premium has exceeded 1.9% eighteen times and been under 1.9% five times in the last year, the upside:downside probability is estimated at 18:5 or 3.6:1. Ended High Low Turnover Mid-Bounce Price Av daily volume VWP 09 December 11 17.2 15.4 11,640,599 16.3 268,254 16.4 02 December 11 16.9 15.4 16,699,434 16.2 267,813 16.2 25 November 11 16.7 14.7 5,285,853 15.7 245,897 15.5 18 November 11 17.4 16.2 9,801,947 16.8 246,640 16.7 11 November 11 17.9 16.7 10,579,865 17.3 248,728 17.3 .In the last two weeks there have been consecutive rises in the mid-bounce price (average of high and low) as well as rises in the VWP accompanied by rises in Volume pointing to a week-on-week significant uptrend. Oplink Communications, Inc. (Oplink) is engaged in designing, manufacturing and selling optical networking components and subsystems. The products portfolio of the Company includes solutions for next-generation, all optical dense and coarse wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM and CWDM, respectively), optical amplification, switching and routing, monitoring, conditioning and line transmission applications. The addressable products include long-haul networks; metropolitan area networks (MANs), local area networks (LANs) and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks. Oplink offers a range of engineering and design services, which includes optic-centric design, electrical system design, software and firmware development, thermal management, mechanical design, system integration and compliance. On October 31, 2007, the Company completed the acquisition of the remaining 42% of Optical Communication Products, Inc. (OCP).
Weekly: Sycamore Networks rises in strong trading with rising open interest, continues strong monthly trend
Sycamore Networks (SCMR.O), NASDAQ's 3rd largest Fiber Optics company by market capitalisation, rose for a second week on Friday. The share price added 62.0c (or 3.4%) to US$18.92 in the week ending Friday December 09. Compared with the NASDAQ-100 index which rose 16.6 points (or 0.7%) in the week, this represented a relative price change of 2.7%. Support: the support price is hovering at the US$17.70 level. Volume traded at the fragile support price zone was 0.1 times average during the two occasions when the support price was breached. In the last one month the first low was at US$17.70 on Nov 23, the second decline halted at US$17.85 on Nov 25. Resistance: the stock is in a short-term spike being above it's 50-day moving average price of US$18.803, but below it's 200-day moving average price of US$20.511. Previous rallies have been met with resistance at US$19.97. However, selling pressure at that level has been weak; volume was 0.1 times average during the nine occasions when the resistance price was breached in the last one month. In the last one month the highest was at US$19.97 on Nov 11, the second highest at US$19.97 on Nov 14. The third advance halted at US$19.95 on Dec 01, the 4th at US$19.95 on Nov 15 and the 5th at US$19.925 on Nov 16. The Volume Weighted Price (VWP) is the summation of turnover [or price at which shares were sold times the volume of shares] divided by the total volume and represents an average based on turnover of all transactions over the period. In the past week the Volume Weighted Price was US$18.75, down from US$19.05 in the previous week. Average daily volume of some 133,998 shares declined 4.0% from 139,598 shares. The 5-week VWP is US$19.06. Sycamore Networks, Inc. develops and markets bandwidth management solutions for fixed line and mobile network operators worldwide, and provides services associated with such products. The Company's customers include domestic and international wireline and wireless network service providers, utility companies, multiple systems operators (MSOs) and government entities with private fiber networks (collectively referred to as service providers). Its portfolio of optical switches, multiservice access platforms, and networking software serve applications that extend across the network infrastructure, from multiservice access and regional backhaul to the optical core. The Company offers complete engineering, furnishing, installation and testing services, as well as customer support and maintenance from multiple locations worldwide. During the fiscal year ended July 31, 2008, two customers: Sprint Corporation and Nokia Siemens, accounted for 23% and 22%, of its revenue, respectively.
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