How to Clean Fiber Optical Connector?

2018-09-25 17:59:32

Why Fiber Cleaning is necessary?


The dust is invisible to the naked eye and is very easy to attach to the fiber connector. In the routine maintenance of the fiber optic connector, the fiber optic connector is contaminated with oil, powder and other contaminants. These contaminants may cause problems such as unclean fiber tips, aging connectors, degraded cable quality, and unobstructed network links. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the fiber connector regularly and take dust-proof measures.


Parts Needed to be Cleaned


The parts on fiber connector that needs to be cleaned are the fiber end face, the fiber tip, and the optical module port that connects the fibers.
These parts are the easiest to enter into dust and contaminant, and are also the most prone to problems due to contaminants. Therefore, to keep the fiber connector clean is to thoroughly clean these three parts.


Ways to Clean the Optical Fiber Connector


I will talk about optical fiber connector cleaning methods in three parts: ways to clean fiber end face, ways to clean fiber tip and ways to clean optical module port that connects the fiber.


Ways to clean fiber end face



Fiber ends are generally exposed to the air, so they are easily attached to dust and oil. Due to the exposion, it is convenient and quick to clean them. There are three ways to clean the fiber end face.


1. Clean with dust-free cotton swab and alcohol



Sprinkle alcohol on the dust-free cotton swab and wipe the fiber end face repeatedly until it is clean. Finally, wipe the fiber end face with dry, dust-free cotton swab to keep the end face dry.


2.Clean with fiber optic cleaner cassette



The fiber cleaner cassette is a cleaner used to clean the fiber end face. When using, place the fiber end face on the cleaning tape and wipe it gently. The tape can be rotated to replace the used parts during the cleaning process. The fiber cleaning cassette can be used for approximate 500 times and is easy to operate.


3.Clean with fiber optic cleaner


Fiber cleaners are primarily used to clean fiber ends. Connect the fiber connector to the fiber cleaner and clean the fiber end face with a single push. Fiber cleaners are typically used 750 times. It’s simple to operate and with low cost.


Ways to clean fiber tip


Contaminants in the fiber tip are generally inside the joint and are not easy to clean. Therefore, cleaning the fiber tip requires some professional cleaning tools. There are mainly two ways to clean the fiber tip.


1.Clean with fiber optic cleaning pen



The fiber cleaning pen can be used to clean the fiber tip. Insert the pen into the fiber tip and clean the ferrule end of the fiber by pressing the operation button. This method is simple and the cost is low.


2.Clean with automatic electronic fiber optic cleaner


The automatic cleaner is an electric fiber tip cleaner. Connect the fiber tip to the automatic cleaner and press the button to complete the cleaning.


Ways to clean the optical module ports


The ports of optical module are usually in contact with optical connectors such as LC, SC, and MTP, so the source of contamination generally comes from the ferrules of these connectors. Optical modules are much less contaminated than fiber optic connectors. Moreover, frequent insertion and removal of the optical module will reduce the service life of the optical module. In practical applications, the port needs to be cleaned only when the transmission performance of the optical module is degraded.


1.Clean with dust-free cotton swab and alcohol


First put the dust-free cotton swab on the alcohol, then insert it into the optical module port. And turn it clockwise, and rotate it in the same direction for one turn.


2.Clean with fiber optic cleaning pen


The fiber cleaning pen can be used not only to clean the fiber tip, but also to clean the optical module port. The usage is similar to what introduced of cleaning the fiber tip.


Every cleaning and maintenance of the fiber optic connector will cause loss. Therefore, in daily network transmission, we should make better dust proof work, so as to prevent it from happening!

If you are interested to purchase any of the cleanning tools mentioned above, please contact your 10Gtek sales representative.