Free Download SFF Protocols

2017-06-28 02:01:52

Easy to download any one of SFF protocols, just change the highlight yellow part to the number that you’d like to download. Then you can proceed free download.


       Link             Description 


INF-8053 :      GBIC (Gigabit Interface Converter)


INF-8074 :     SFP (Small Formfactor Pluggable)1Gb/s Transceiver


INF-8077 :     XFP 1X 10 Gb/s Pluggable Module


INF-8438 :     QSFP 4X 4 Gb/s Transceiver (Quad SFP)


INF-8474 :     Xenpak GBE 4X 2.5 Gb/s Transceiver


INF-8475 :     XPAK 4X 2.5 Gb/s Pluggable Transceiver


INF-8476 :     X2 GBE 4X 2.5 Gb/s Transceiver


INF-8478 :     OC48 DWDM 10 GBE Transceiver


SFF-8001 :     44-pin ATA (AT Attachment) Pinouts for SFF Drives


SFF-8002 :     68-pin ATA (AT Attachment) for SFF Drives


SFF-8003 :     SCSI Pinouts for SFF Drives


SFF-8015 :     SCA Connector for Rack Mounted SFF SCSI Drives


SFF-8071 :     SFP+ 1X 0.8mm Card Edge Connector


SFF-8075 :     SFP Cage 10 Gb/s 2X: PCI Card Version


SFF-8081 :     SFP+ 1X 16 Gb/s Pluggable Transceiver Solution (SFP16)


SFF-8083 :     SFP+ 1X 10 Gb/s Pluggable Transceiver Solution (SFP10)


SFF-8084 :     SFP+ 1X 4 Gb/s Pluggable Transceiver Solution


SFF-8085 :     SFP 100 Mb/s Transceivers


SFF-8089 :     SFP Rate and Application Codes


SFF-8402 :     SFP+ 1X 28 Gb/s Pluggable Transceiver Solution (SFP28)


SFF-8418 :     SFP+ 10 Gb/s Electrical Interface


SFF-8419 :     SFP+ Power and Low Speed Interface


SFF-8431 :     SFP+ 10 Gb/s and Low Speed Electrical Interface


SFF-8432 :     SFP+ Module and Cage


SFF-8433 :     SFP+ Ganged Cage


SFF-8434 :     SFP+ Gerber Files


SFF-8436 :     QSFP+ 4X 10 Gb/s Pluggable Transceiver


SFF-8439 :     SFP-S (System module)


SFF-8461 :     SFP+ Active Cable Specifications and Alternate Test Methods


SFF-8477 :     Tunable XFP


SFF-8635 :     QSFP+ 4X 10 Gb/s Pluggable Transceiver Solution (QSFP10)


SFF-8661 :     QSFP+ 4X Pluggable Module


SFF-8662 :     QSFP+ 4X Connector (Style A)


SFF-8663 :     QSFP+ Cage (Style A)


SFF-8665 :     QSFP+ 4X 28 Gb/s Pluggable Transceiver Solution (QSFP28)


SFF-8672 :     QSFP+ 4X Connector (Style B)


SFF-8679 :     QSFP+ 4X Base Electrical Specification


SFF-8682 :     QSFP+ 4X Connector


SFF-8683 :     QSFP+ Cage


SFF-8685 :     QSFP+ 4X 14 Gb/s Pluggable Transceiver Solution (QSFP14)


SFF-8690 :     Tunable SFP+ Memory Map for ITU Frequencies



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