Cloud Storage

2014-12-03 02:18:35

Online storage is fast becoming the best way to keep track of all your digital files, folders, media, and memory in the digital world. Using traditional methods of storage can easily lose you valuable data due to hard drive crashes, human error, or hardware failure. It can be completely debilitating for a business when important information is inaccessible or completely lost. There is a large risk when using traditional hardware because of it's difficulty to manage correctly, susceptibility to damage, and unreliability.


Cloud storage providers give you not only the convenience of simplicity to access your data, but it is also one of the safest methods to store valuable information. The benefits extend not only to businesses, but also for personal storage for individuals as well. The best cloud storage systems do not interfere with your business productivity and do not cause and sluggishness or slowing of response in your computer devices. The best cloud storage systems also take advantage of down time on your computer and operate slowly in the background when it recognizes that the computer is not in active use. Your data is stored safely in the cloud, away form potential dangers of hardware break downs or hard drive crashes.


Security And Cloud Storage


Your files, documents, and other data is of the utmost importance to you, your clients, and your business. Information kept in a traditional hardware system can be at a high risk of security. Computers can be hacked, and hardware can be physically stolen. When you store your information in the best cloud storage- your data is encrypted, and protected by powerful firewall and security sources. This high quality security is absolutely critical for companies operating in such pivotal fields as credit card data, medical industry, customer contact information, financial records and other sensitive data. As the technological world expands and computers become harder to protect, many companies and industries are demanding new regulations for security features and requirements. Cloud storage is the answer for anyone seeking the absolute peak of online data protection.


There are many packages available for online storage that can be customized and tailored for your exact needs. From limited free cloud storage, to expansive high security levels, there is a package that will deliver you the kind of storage and protection you need.


Cloud Storage Packages


  Private Containers


With private containers, all access information and dialogue between the user and application is heavily encrypted and hidden from public access. Important and confidential information, such as passwords, contact information, etc, cannot be accessed or intercepted by any third party user.


  Public Containers


With public containers, the information in your files can be shared with anyone using a ready-for-the-web URL that links to your files. Public files can be accessed from any web-device with high speed and accuracy.




Payment for cloud storage should depend only on the amount of storage you use. If you don't use a lot of storage, you should only have to pay for what you do use, not what you don't. Check for the company that best suits your needs and uses, rather pay for what you don't need.


  How It Works


1. Upload your files to the cloud where you can manage them. Unlimited files can be stored and updated with access from an online control panel or desktop software.


2. With no up front costs, you simply for the storage space you use and the bandwidth that you take up. Completely revolutionary from other traditional storage methods.


3. Keep it private or make it public. As listed above, you can easily choose which files you want to keep secure and encrypted, and which files you want to be accessible for public use.