Top 5 Data Center Stories?

2014-03-19 21:44:31

The SUPERNAP Goes Global, as Switch Adds International Partners: Colocation provider Switch has formed a joint venture to launch an international expansion, teaming with Accelero Capital Holdings and Orascom TMT Investments (OTMTI) to build SUPERNAP data centers around the world.

U.S. Navy Shifting Public Data to Amazon Cloud – The U.S. Navy is shifting large amounts of data to the Amazon Web Services cloud, and expects the move to produce huge savings. “We are in the process of putting most of our public-facing data in an Amazon cloud service,” said Terry Halvorsen, the Navy CIO.

Yahoo to Sublease 24 Megawatts of Data Center Space in Virginia – Yahoo has recently decided to sublease a whopping 24 megawatts of space in northern Virginia, while Facebook has been marketing its leased space in Silicon Valley. The subleasing could shift the balance between the supply and demand of data center space.

Facebook Dials Up Infrastructure to Render “Look Back” Videos
– Facebook’s infrastructure rendered more than 720 million “Look Back” videos and ended up challenging even its own massive infrastructure, during its recent 10th anniversary celebration.

Microsoft Lines Up Incentives for $250 Million San Antonio Expansion
– Microsoft has proposed building a new $250 million data center in San Antonio, and has received approval from local officials for a package of tax breaks to support the expansion.