10Gtek's CFP4 LR4 is a 100Gb/s transceiver module for optical communication applications compliant to 100GBASE-LR4 of the IEEE P802.3ba standard. The module converts 4 input channels of 25Gb/s electrical data to 4 channels of LAN WDM optical signals and then multiplexes them into a single channel for 100Gb/s optical transmission. Reversely on the receiver side, the module de-multiplexes a 100Gb/s optical input into 4 channels of LAN WDM optical signals and then converts them to 4 output channels of electrical data.
The product is designed with the form factor, optical/electrical connection and MDIO interface according to the CFP4 Multi-Source Agreement (MSA). The innovative design has all the fibers inside the CFP4 package configured without any splicing or non-permanent connector. Also, fiber routines are neatly organized and fixed inside a stainless steel container.


Standards Compliance

Compliant to IEEE 802.3bm 100GBASE- SR4



  • Hot pluggable CFP4 MSA form factor
  • Up to 28Gb/s data rate per channel
  • Compliant to IEEE 802.3bm 100GBASE- SR4
  • Up to 100m OM4 MMF transmission
  • Single +3.3V power supply
  • Operating case temperature: 0~70ºC
  • 4x28G Electrical Serial Interface (CEI- 28G-VSR)
  • MDIO management interface with digital diagnostic monitoring
  • Maximum power consumption 6W
  • MTP/MPO optical connector
  • RoHS-6 compliant
  • 100GBASE-SR4 Ethernet
  • OTN OTU4
Part No. Spec. Data Rate
Distance Optical Comp. Power
CFP4-SR4 CFP4 SR4 100G 850nm MMF 100 m PIN  VCSEL -6.5~-1.0 -8.6 0~70
CFP4-LR4 CFP4 LR4 100G 1290-1310nm SMF 10 km PIN  LWDM EML -1.3~4.5 -8.6 0~70
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