AOC-S1S1-001 10Gtek's SFP+ Active Optical Cables are hot-swappable, low-voltage cable assemblies that connect directly into SFP+ modules at both ends. These cables use a 20-position connector with active circuitry to increase distances and to improve EMI and reduce signal loss. 10Gtek's SFP+ Active Optical cable transmits 10Gbps data in each direction over a loose tube fiber with distance up to 100m. 10Gtek AOC is SFP+ MSA compliance, low power consumption and lightweight, which can be used as an alternative solution to SFP+ passive and active copper cables while providing improved signal integrity, longer distances, superior electromagnetic immunity and better bit error rate performance. All of our SFP+ cables are 100% compatible with major brands like Cisco, Juniper, Enterasys, Extreme, H3C and so on. If you would like to order high quality compatible SFP+ cables and get worldwide delivery, we believe 10Gtek is your best choice.

10Gb/s serial optical interface
850nm high-speed VCSEL and PIN receiver
Support 10Gb/s transmission distance up to 100 meters with MMF
Operating case temperature 0oC to +70oC
Single 3.3V power supply
Mechanical specifications compliant with SFF-8432
Electrical specifications compliant with SFF-8431
Support digital diagnostics monitoring for module temperature, Vcc, Rx input power, Tx_Disable and Rx_LOS
Typical power consumption 200mW
I2C communication bus
Hot pluggable
RoHS-6 compliance
10G Ethernet
Datacom and Telecom switch or router backplane connection
High performance computing interconnect