1Gb/s Ethernet Converged Network Adapter (NIC)

1Gb/s Ethernet Converged Network Adapter (NIC), Compatible for I340-T4/ E1G44HT

● Controller: Intel 82580
● Quad RJ45 Copper Ports
● Compatible with Intel I340-T4/ E1G44HT
● PCI-E 2.0 (5.0GT/s), X4 Lane
● Gigabit NIC/CNA
● Connector & Cable Medium: RJ-45 Category-5 up to 100m
Techincal Parameters:
Vertical Segment Server
# of Ports Quad
Speed & Slot Width 5.0 GT/s, x4 Lane
System Interface Type PCIe v2.0 (5.0 GT/s)
Cable Medium Copper
Cabling Type Category-5 up to 100m
Bracket Height Low Profile and Full Height
Ethernet Controller Intel Ethernet Controller 82580

Intelligent Offloads Yes
Supported Operating Systems
Windows Server 2012 R2*, Windows Server 2012*, Windows 8*, Windows Server 2008 R2*, Windows 7*, Windows Server 2008*, Windows Vista*, Windows Server 2003 R2*, Windows Server 2003*, Windows XP Professional

Linux* Stable Kernel version 3.x, 2.6,x, Red Hat Enterprise Linux* 5, 6, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server* 10, 11

VMware ESX/ESXi*